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The Dustpan, HD Video, 2014

Dirt, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. So behold the woman styling herself as a broom, plunging herself headfirst into a dustpan. Have domestic chores overwhelmed her in a foamy fit of cleanliness?   Text from The Age Newspaper about 'The Dustpan (2014)'

The Dustpan is in the collection of the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and Dib Contemporary Art Museum


The Dustpan, HD Video Still, 2014

This bold performance-based video continue Vatanajyankur’s exploration of the domestic environment. Set against the intensely bright and colourful backdrop, the video entangles objects and body in ways that are uncanny, humorous and often disturbing.

Edition of 3+AP

The Dustpan: HTML Embed
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