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The Scale of Injustice

4K Video, 2021

Duration: 8.30 Minutes

As part of Field Work Series (2021)


4K Video, 2021
Edition of 4+3 AP

For nearly 8 minutes and a half, Vatanajyankur displays her three different actions of labor into a single channel video against the crimson red backdrop installed within an artificial field. In the video work, she is the suspended carriers of the baskets and the core structure of the scale. As the carriers, her body is attached to the red baskets, weighing the continually falling piles of cotton seeds. When the scale is imbalanced, causing Vatanajyankur's body to constantly smash onto the ground, the collected cotton seeds are repeatedly bounced off from the containers. As a result, the baskets are never full and need to everlastingly be filled while the labor continues. In the focus point of the video work, Vatanajyankur performs a handstand pose, struggling to balance her figure that is attached to the core structure of the broken scale.

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