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Poured, Video Still, 2013.jpg


Poured, HD Video Still, 2014

Everyday items metamorphosize from the mundane to the political. Innocuous items become deadly. By using her body and domestic items, riveting multiple tensions are created in small, domestic spaces.  

(Written by Hussain Currimbhoy, Sundance Film Festival Official Website)

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Poured, HD Video Still, 2013
Edition of 3+AP

This new body of video work reconstructs elements of traditional 17th century painting that would often pose female bodies as still-life subjects within domestic spaces. With this scenario as my foundation, I aimed to bring the female body into a new stark environment where body and domestic object conflate and seem to physically react and violently communicate with each other. In doing so, the work is reflected on the physical, psychological and cultural aspects of feminine endurance, strength and insecurity.

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