July 2020

This guide is dedicated to sharing lessons, ideas and tools that will help you find meaning from the challenges of life during lockdown.
Journey through 13 artworks that were created during the pandemic to reflect on new possibilities for personal growth, from fitness and self-care to feeling sensual and staying connected.
As we enter a post pandemic world, this guide offers a resource for finding solace and inspiration in all uncertain times.
Commissioned by Cement Fondu


Housework is never-ending and usually physically and psychologically exhausting. While often unappreciated and considered women’s work, in fact, it requires strength, power and endurance.

To create Sponge, I slowly turn my body into a cleaning sponge to clean the dish. The repetitive action and the squeezing of my face created a moving meditation through which I transformed entirely into a cleaning sponge. At times, my face was forced to submerge and soak in the cleaning soap before coming back up to be pushed against the dish continuously and sometimes violently.