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Suwon Museum of Art, Suwon, Korea

Installation View

Suwon Museum of Art presents “Can’t Help but Love Her” on view through June 9. This exhibition is by KANG Yongsuk, KWON Yongju, Iden Sungyoung KIM, Rosa LOY, BANG Jeong-A, IM Heung-soon, Kawita VATANAJYANKUR, and HOU I-Ting.

This exhibition focuses on women’s labor tirelessly in unseen places. Women’s labor forms the foundation of our economy, irrespective of salary level or field. Despite women’s pivotal role in contributing to society, it is necessary to consider whether their hard work and dedication are properly recognized. Some women face unfair exploitation and inadequate compensation in their work. On the other hand, some women end up working in areas overlooked by safety and human rights due to a variety of factors, such as personal economic conditions or social background.

The exhibition explores the roles of women who worked during pivotal moments in history and society, hoping to reveal to visitors the challenges and societal and structural problems faced by women then. Despite such circumstances, women never gave up working; they continued with their lives, putting forth all their sincerity and strength. Women have gone through challenging periods, at times relying on each other and providing comfort, at times uniting and fighting as one. How can one not feel love and admiration for them?

This exhibition hopes to change negative perceptions toward women’s work while sparking meaningful conversations by fostering interest in the work that shapes our lives. For this reason, it might be necessary for us to have affection for all those who have devoted their lives in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Since cherishing someone or something is an essential aspect of love, this exhibition aims to express love for all those who have worked hard to do their best.

Installation View

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