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Kawita Vatanajyankur, Onto Fabrics, Vide


Seventh Gallery


Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

28th March-14th April 2012

My series of video and performance work “Onto Fabrics” is focused on the female body, fabrics and household object within darken, unknown spaces, unfamiliar environments and uncomfortable atmosphere. As a medium under different distressing circumstances, my own body is affected and forced by the elements, objects, spaces and other human actions to transform, merge, become a part of these ambiguous surroundings, objects and environments Eventually, the merged body as well as the fabrics covering it is mingled and turned into a sculpture. 
The body action, reaction and movement within the spaces towards the pressure by the elements and objects reflects feminism, violence, endurance communication in a cultural way and indicates a psychological and corporeal aspect of viewing the human condition.

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